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George A. Birmingham was the pen name of James Owen Hannay (16 July 1865 - 2 February 1950), Irish clergyman and prolific novelist. Excerpt from the book: [...]some reason very few Englishmen undertake. "If the man's a millionaire," I said, "he won't care to dine with us-and he's probably a Jew-not that I've any particular prejudice against Jews." "He's not a Jew," said Gorman. "He's an Englishman. At least he's as English as any man with a name like that can be. I expect he'll jump at the chance of feeding with us. We're the only people on board the least likely to interest him." I admire Gorman's splendid self-confidence, but I do not share it. I shrank from seeking the friendship of a millionaire.[...].

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