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Indoor Gardening for Beginners: Creating Your First Garden Indoors

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Table of Contents

The Right Soil for Your Plants
A Bit of Sand Wanted Right Now!
Should I or Should I Not Buy Garden Potted Soil?
No Heating/Sterilizing
Pots, Pans, and Saucers...
Proper Drainage
Re-potting and Potting your Plants
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This book is for all the people who have always wished to have a garden of their own. But perhaps, due to lack of space outdoors, or maybe a lack of chance to get an opportunity to start gardening, they have not managed to start up on this soul satisfying activity, until now.

Somewhere in the 1850s up to the 1900s, children were encouraged in schools to grow gardens under the close supervision of their teachers. That is because it was taken for granted that there was plenty of land outside, where gardening could be taught to the tiny tots, and thus, they could learn all about the delights of gardening outbuildings, at a very young age. For many of these children, gardening became a pleasant activity when they grew up, because they were so used to doing things in the garden, since childhood.

But as time went by, and school curriculums changed, teachers began to concentrate more on teaching children ABC's and 123's, rather than encouraging them in outdoor activities. Outdoor activities began to be restricted only to physical training classes and exercises and gardening took a backseat.

At home, these children probably did not learn anything about gardening, because their own family members did not have any interest in grubbing in the soil. In fact, even today, if a city child who has never been exposed to gardening is taken into a garden, given a trowel or three-pronged fork and told to dig in the mud, he might consider it to be a very messy business!

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