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The Spirit of Prophecy: God's Gift To His End Time People! For Those Who Want To Know the Fuller Meaning of Revelation 19:10, And Why It Is Important!

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What ‘the Spirit of Prophecy’ means in Revelation 19:10, and why we need to know its fullest meaning, for the troublous and perilous times that lie ahead. If we do not understand it, we may not fully understand why it is essential that we have the full outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our heart 24 by 7, and not depend on someone else to have it for us. The prophecies in Revelation for the end of time, which we are now in, are important to understand. Revelation 13:10 tells us that all of God’s saints at the end of time will have patience, keep God’s commandments, and have the faith of Jesus. Patience and faith are two of the Fruits of the Spirit. Galatians 5:22-23. God wants to give us the Holy Spirit, and the ability of pleasing Him, and keeping all of His commandments. This is the present truth that we especially need to know for our day to be saved, and to live a successful Christian life, amid the great trials and perplexities that lie ahead. We need the Patience of the Saints. We need the Faith of Jesus. We need to have the power to obey God, and bring honor and glory to His wonderful name, and we need to have the ability to bear much fruit for Him, and thus prove to be Jesus’ disciple.

Many people are confused on how to be saved, and on the truth about the new birth experience that Jesus said that all are required to have to enter the kingdom of Heaven. John 3:3, 5. But we must have God’s blessings at all times, for us to be all that He wants us to be, and to be happy in His peace, love, and joy. He has promised to fill His children with peace, love and joy, and He will help them to be a light to the world, if they will just claim their destiny! Since Faith and Patience are two of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, they are also a gift to you from God (like your Salvation and forgiveness are), if you receive it. So this is how you can have the patience of the saints, the faith of Jesus, and obey all of God’s Commandments. This new life that God wants to give you, will give you the faith you need, and the help you need to live a righteous life for Him, and will enable you to please Him and make you happy, and will help you to make your way safely to Heaven!

It is our prayer, dear reader, that you would obtain this full outpouring of the Holy Spirit for yourself, if you don’t already have it, so that you can have the patience of the saints, have the faith of Jesus, and keep God’s commandments, so that when Jesus returns in the clouds with great glory, that you will not shrink back in fear from Him, but have great love for Him, and be joyous that He is delivering you from this world! Hebrews 10:39 and Isaiah 25:9. And that you would have great joy in serving your God, whom you love, and that you would greatly desire to have His Spirit in your heart at all times, and possess all of the Fruits of the Spirit, and possess the Gifts of the Spirit that He wants you to have. And that you would have the most wonderful experience of your life, as you serve God, and have the great joy that we were all meant to have, and that you would bear much fruit for Him, and that your fruit would remain. Amen!

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