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The Black Knight's Reward

Length: 530 pages5 hours


As the roaring flames engulf her, Merry du Boise struggles futilely against the ropes binding her to the stake. Just as she relinquishes herself to her fate, a warrior appears out of nowhere to sweep her from certain death. Condemned for heresy, however, and with whispers of sorcery surrounding her, Merry’s problems have barely begun.

Luke, the king’s commander, has battled fire before and lived. Rising in the ranks of King Henry’s service, the Phoenix, as he is known, has one goal in mind—to inherit his grandfather’s coveted estate of Arundel. Yet in the blink of an eye, by rescuing a witch from the flames and stealing her away from the powerful Church, he has put his entire future in jeopardy!

Vowing to protect the fiery-haired beauty, Luke realizes he wants to offer her more than merely his sword arm. As Merry’s dark past catches up with her, can she put her faith in an earthly savior who is torn between duty to his king and his own personal desires?

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