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Little Tail and the Snow, Happy Friends Series

Length: 29 pages15 minutes


Be brave, no matter how small you are, and have the courage to pursue your dreams for you will be sure to discover new and exciting places. And even make a friend or two along the way!
Little Tail, the small dog with a red tuft at the end of his tail, gathers his courage and, leaving his friends behind, goes searching for Snow, Up North. Will he find her and where will he take shelter in that cold and icy world?
“Makes you wish you were there to join Little Tail in his fun with the snow.”
"The experience in the snow contains excellent descriptive writing."
Is your little one facing new beginnings? Changing towns or moving to a new school? Then this book is just right for your child.
"Happy Friends" Series nurtures positivism, imagination, empathy, friendship, generosity, adventure and, of course, they have happy-endings. A heartwarming story to read to your child or for the older sibling to enjoy on his or her own. Promises at least a smile per page, why don't you find it?
"Little Tail and the Snow" is the 2nd book in Happy Friends Series. Remember, book 1 and where it all begins, "How Pete met Lizard", is complimentary.

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