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What Vivaldi Can Teach Us About the Truth of Transcendence

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Transcendence (the essence of Tony Samara’s new eBook) is the grounding source that allows life to flow in a creative and joyous way. It opens one’s energy to receptivity and the embracing of aliveness. Tony’s words bring us a colourful awareness of how to overcome trauma, depression, anxiety and stress through the practice of transcendence. When we invite this space into our lives, a sense of peace and deep understanding guides us to overcome the many challenges in life.

Have you ever wondered what the word Transcendence really means?

Are you curious about the difference between Objectivity and Subjectivity?

What is the Higher Dimension within our Consciousness?

In this profound text, Tony Samara speaks about the classical musician Vivaldi and artists Giorgione from Italy and Vermeer from the Netherlands, who created inspirations for many due to their transcendent and creative minds. The author, in his clever way then allows the reader to understand how they can let go of limiting attitudes that may prevent them from embracing their own unstoppable greatness.

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