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Slither, Slither: A Tentacle Erotica Short

Length: 34 pages30 minutes


Natasha Hawthorn is married to her job. Working for a paranormal task force, she's made quite a name for herself. There isn't anything that she hasn't already seen. Unfortunately for her a string of recent murders puts that to the test. With his star detective at a loss, Natasha's boss brings in Bryce Khol, a man destined to be her partner. But there is something not quite right about this enigmatic man. With a soothing voice and shockingly handsome good looks, it isn't surprising that no one sees what she does. A man with a dark, twisted secret. He claims his only desire is to help her, a claim she wants to believe, but why does she keep seeing visions of dark, winding tentacles drawing across her bed sheets? Better yet, why does she like it so much?

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