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Joseph Gordon Levitt: Celebrity Biographies

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Ever wondered how Joseph Gordon-Levitt rose to stardom?

When Joseph Gordon-Levitt first burst onto the screen as a bubbly, precocious, and slightly nerdy child star, very few audiences could have predicted that he would become one of the most respected and innovative presences in Hollywood. Starting off at an extremely young age, Gordon-Levitt grew up around the lights, cameras, and buzz of show business.
Though his first big break was on television, as he matured as an actor, Gordon-Levitt began searching out more challenging film roles that demonstrated his skills as a dramatic actor.
At first, the actor mainly found work in a number of smaller independent projects, but soon found his poise and charismatic presence appearing in bigger and more beloved mainstream films.
Through collaborations with other young rising stars in the film industry, Gordon-Levitt has also become one of the most interesting creative forces in film, pioneering new ways to produce art as a writer, producer, and director.

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