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The Things An Actress Has To Do For A Role

Length: 42 pages37 minutes


WARNING This story involves ECT, a subject matter that might upset, or annoy some people, just to mention it here.

Susan is a firm believer in method acting. So when she gets offered a role that will involve her staying in a psychiatric ward, she wants to have a short stay, and find out what its like. However, she is less keen on the idea of receiving the sort of treatments her character will be getting while staying there, primarily ECT. But at the same time, she'd love to know how to act out receiving said treatment, so something gets mentioned on her (fake) forms, and doctors put two, and two together, and make five!
But when she gets offered a treatment, without the actual zap of electricity, she decides to accept. What she doesnt know, the doctors may have other plans in mind! All in all, surprises are in store for both Susan, and the doctors, as a result.

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