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Length: 340 pages4 hours


Angie's owed over $50,000 in child support. After the law fails her she blackmails her ex-husband. Unwittingly she ends up entangled with a sinister mobster and unravels an insurance scheme on behalf of her ex. She's been placed in check by his illicit affairs and faces retaliation from the mob if she exposes the insurance fraud. She calculates a devious plan to collect and serve him justice.

Angie’s life splinters into a thousand fragments when she tragically loses her home to foreclosure and auction. She attempts to secure evidence to blackmail her ex into paying $50,000 he owes in child support. She discovers a money-laundering operation and believes he’ll pay.

However, she uncovers mafia involvement in the money-laundering operation persuading her to search elsewhere for a financial solution. The next day her ex-husband disappears. 

While searching for blackmail evidence Angie reveals Craig’s illegal involvement with the judge, insurance fraud and a social security theft ring which puts federal agents on Craig’s trail and that of his unsavory family. 

Out of shear desperation Angie accepts mafia money which ties her in and reveals a more sinister purpose. The following week when Craig’s found slumped over on the strip in Las Vegas his fractured legs resemble those of a marionette and his fingertips ground hamburger. 

Chase the bounty hunter offers her a job amid his questionable involvement in Craig’s disappearance. Together they form Lip-Stick Bounty Hunters where Angie’s employed to solve thousands of idle child support cases. 

In the end a $1,000,000 life insurance policy surfaces naming Angie as the beneficiary, right before Craig’s killed. Angie’s alibi, a night out with the mafia henchman, Anthony, is rock solid. ISOLATION ends as a classic who-dun-it with viable alibis for the 5 people with sinister motive. 

ISOLATION offers hope to readers with mounting child support arrears who need bounty hunters offering ‘teeth’ in collecting.

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