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Discover Your Inner Buddha

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Can you name a recent book you have read that brought real and tangible change to your life and enlightened you about the real issues we are all facing as humanity? Words can be written in a perfect order, with clarity and knowledge, but many times (unfortunately) missing the depth that we are seeking. ‘Discover Your Inner Buddha' (on the contrary) brings depth and wisdom to the reader, who will find themselves swimming in the ocean of true understanding, beyond the concepts of the mind.

‘Discover Your Inner Buddha,’ previously published as ‘From the Heart,’ contains the secrets we have all been seeking, as Tony Samara speaks about:



Life & Death

Inner Wisdom

Jealousy & Anger,

Love & Relationships,

Prana & Transformation

Stepping Into the Unknown

Self-Esteem & Belief Systems

The Intensity of the Mundane

Tony Samara offers us the simple keys to freedom but it is up to us to take the steps. Are you ready to be the Truth that you are?

“Reading this book fills me with joy and hope, love and clarity. Many questions are answered, questions I have been carrying with me since forever... Why are we are here? Who am I? What's the meaning of life? Why aren't my relationships working? Why am I still unhappy sometimes? Why do I still have food issues? Haha... the list goes on and on... Tony's words genuinely warm my heart. I guess, because it speaks directly to it... and from that space of the heart, clarity arises.”
- Ilanta, Portugal

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