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Maidenjade Book 1

Length: 274 pages4 hours


The jade was cursed, that's what the people believed and it quickly grew out of favor. The city of Maidenjade relied on the stone, it was the entire reason for its existence. As those with coin left the city, only the most dangerous scavengers remained; thieves, assassins and those with nowhere else to go. The stories within this volume tell the tales of those unfortunate souls that still call Maidenjade their home, each trying to scrape out an existence in this filthy and ill-fated place. Some steal to survive, others kill.

And then there is the city beneath the city, referred to as the Deepdark or the Shivers. This subterranean maze is home to dark magic and the horrific creatures that serve it, with passages that seemingly shift overnight. Those who are sent on jobs below are paid a premium, though most would flat-out refuse.

William Kenney and Stefain bring you stories filled with colorful characters and dramatic events. Do you dare walk the streets of Maidenjade? If so, wear the iron, my friend. It may turn away those spectral creatures that would drag you beneath the dirt.

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