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To His Mistress

Length: 365 pages5 hours


What is it with men? Let them get an idea in their head, and it turns into a piece of granite.

Look at Alexander, Lord Shelton. In an ill-considered moment, he compromises innocent Katherine Scoville. Any other blue blooded peer of the realm would do his duty and wed with a smile on his face, even if he has murder in his heart. Not Shelton. He decides Katherine is a detestable fortune hunter. No way is she eligible to be honored as the Countess of Shelton.

Oh, he marries her, but he doesn’t like it. Not one little bit. When his mother and her butler shove their noses into the marriage, magic begins to fly.
Then Shelton realizes that Katherine suits him to a tee. Not as a wife, but as a mistress. It becomes his fantasy, so he goes about the intricate business of divorce in the Regency.

Just wait until Katherine figures out what the stubborn Shelton is up to. You have to feel sorry for him, the way he is digging his own grave.

To His Mistress is a fantasy romance. Set in Regency England (think Jane Austen), it has all the manners and mores of the time. But King Arthur is not a myth; Camelot was a stellar period in England's history. Merlin's magic is practiced by those few gifted individuals and the Round Table joins the House of Lords and Commons in ruling the realm.

Book One in an award-winning series, but is also a stand-alone novel. Second printing with a new cover.

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