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The Impact of Technology on Behavior & Happiness

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Behaviors are changing.
But why?

Attention spans are decreasing at a frightening pace. Patience is down. Communication skills, written and interpersonal, are eroding. Manners are lost in self-absorption, tempers run short, rudeness runs high, and cell phone dependency approaches neurosis. Frustration is relentless, with angry reactions just keystrokes away.
On-line engagement times are rising, as are cyber-crime and bullying. Social media has turned from a happy community to a dark and negative place that tracks our every move to be used for-profit against us. The web archives and analyzes where we go and what we say, building behavioral profiles to sell to advertisers and thieves.
Road rage keeps rising, digital addiction is skyrocketing, and political unrest is fracturing societies and friendships. Information inundates us but the web has erased the lines between fact and fiction. Political emotion boils in a cauldron of emotional toxins.

Young adults are struggling too, as behavioral trends on college campuses ring alarms. Stress and suicides are up, while coping and resilience skills diminish.

How and why are these things happening? More importantly, what can you do to protect yourself and those you care about?

The answers are here. This revealing, research-based behavioral dissection by popular TV and radio guest Ocean Palmer is mandatory reading for anyone who seeks to know why crowded heads are increasing and what they can do about it.

After all, if YOU don’t look out for you...who will?

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