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The Silo

Length: 45 pages45 minutes


They called it the end of the world, but the world kept spinning, to everybody's surprise. In another life, Eric Wergo managed a white collar office and somehow got vastly different personalities to work together to make money. Now he leads a salvage team, looking through the remnants of civilization for food, water, medicine, tools, and survivors. So that part of his life is familiar, even if everything else is different.

His team was supposed to check a handful of farms some distance from town, and it was almost routine until they reach Northeast Section Site Twenty Two, known to many of the locals as the Ghost Farm. It's not that they can't find anything worth taking back, which has happened a few times; rather, they're having difficulty finding anything not worth taking either, including trash, mud, and rotten wood. The Ghost Farm is raising questions the longer the team stays, and Eric is determined to get to the bottom of it; if he can't bring back supplies, he's not leaving without answers.

Part One of the Against The Heavens series.

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