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50 Meal Recipes to Boost Your Breastmilk Production : Give Your Body the Right Foods to Help You Generate High Quality Breastmilk Fast

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Proper nutrition is the fundamental component in establishing good lactation. Lactogenic foods, also called galactagogues, facilitate milk production by increasing certain hormones that stimulate the release of breastmilk. Some galactagogues, due to their very high water content, promote hydration that brings about efficiency in milk production.

This book will provide you with simple and easy recipes that anybody can prepare in very little time so that your body can have the necessary vitamins and minerals to stimulate breastmilk production fast.

Certain foods also help regulate mood. Studies have found that high stress levels can cause a drop in prolactin levels, which is the principal hormone in promoting milk synthesis and secretion so it’s important to stay relaxed.

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