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Splitting Infinities

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Dawn Foster lost her 18-year-old son, Ben following a tragic accident two years ago. Desperate to cling onto her memories, she wanted his room kept how it was when he was alive. But her husband Gary, in a misguided attempt to force Dawn to ‘move on’, badgered her into letting him re-decorate Ben’s room. Next, Gary made matters even worse by sending all of their son’s belongings to a charity shop. A serious rift in their marriage resulted and Gary moved out, leaving Dawn alone in the house – except for her dear cat, Tonto.
After Gary left, Dawn visited the charity shop in an attempt to buy back some of her son’s precious belongings, but managed to recover only one item – a denim jacket – which she hung in Ben’s otherwise empty wardrobe.
A few months after Gary’s departure, Dawn discovers her son’s ‘lucky stone’, which Ben found on the beach during a seaside holiday when he was twelve, concealed in the pocket of the salvaged jacket. Overjoyed to find such a personal link to her beloved son, she carries the treasured stone with her everywhere, even keeping it under her pillow during the night.
The day after finding the stone, Dawn’s life suddenly begins to take a series of inexplicable turns that leave her suspecting she has some form of stress-induced amnesia. But after days of increasingly confusing events that she records in a daily journal, Dawn is forced to face an even more frightening explanation that leaves her doubting more than just her memory.
With her son dead, her husband gone and life quite literally out of control, how will Dawn ever be happy again?

'A wonderfully imaginative account of a woman trying to cope with life, love and loss. A beautifully written story that invokes both our sympathy and our empathy. I thoroughly recommend it.’ Sally Patricia Gardner (Author of 'Lilian’s Story')

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