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A Siren's Song

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Kerri Flanagan, was indeed something of an original - more at home elbow deep in the healing arts, than at the side of her intended trying to impersonate a proper lady. But a deal was a deal, even if she had no choice in the matter, after all, her father needed this marriage as much as she did! But the man he had chosen for her was a dangerous one. Even her massive dog Rex knew it. Captain James was far different...and very off limits!

Ethan James was a brooding man of few words. And one that would not hesitate to make his enemies, or lovers, beg for mercy. Having to put into port in Charleston following a storm had him in a foul mood...until he saw Kerri. She could make him forget...but could he trust her with his secret?

As their worlds collide, the fallout changes the course of both their lives in a fast paced, erotic, chase across the Caribbean!
A Siren's Song will lure you in and stay with you long after you put it down.
And please review it after you do put it down. I am looking forward to hearing form you.

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