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The Bloodline Inheritance

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“The Celtic Mythos series has a group of characters that I just adore and a story that is beyond amazing.”Because Reading is Better than Real Life Blog

Magicks and humans, friends and enemies, ally themselves in a battle to save all realms in Book Four of the Celtic Mythos series…

In his quest to become an Immortal, Elathan seeks the Emerald Crown of the World, which holds a magic so ancient and powerful that its been hidden from all realms. As Earth’s rightful Protector, only Brendan stands a chance to stop the golden god, to save the Earth and her inhabitants.

But when Brendan falls under a curse that poisons his mind, Lizzie, Dorian, Frank, and their friends must band together to save him while Elathan grows in power.

“ Award-winning author LaMar skillfully brings out the Irish in all of us.” Dave Edlund, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Brad LaMar has a flowing style of writing that really puts you in the story and helps you to connect with the characters.” Nights, Goodreads

“Great story telling and so many wonderful characters.”Milton, Goodreads

Don't miss the shocking conclusion of the Celtic Mythos series!

The Celtic Mythos

1. The Obsidian Dagger
2. The Megalith Union
3. The Dominion Pulse
4. The Bloodright Inheritance

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