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Moses and Aaron: Civil and Ecclesiasticalsed by the Ancient Hebrews

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That many have no better acquaintance with Christ and his Apostles, is, because they are such strangers with Moses and Aaron: Were Customes antiquated thorowly known, many difficulties in Scripture would appear Elegancies; and the places which now (through obscurity) dishearten the Reader, would then become sweet invitements to an unwearied assiduity in perusing those sacred Oracles. If my present labour shall give such light to some obscure passages, that thereby Gods people shall be drawn on with the greater delight, to the exercising themselves in reading of Holy Writ, it shall not repent me of my tedious travels in these Rites and Customes, of Generations long since past; which whosoever undertaketh, shall find the way long and thorny, the path over-grown and hardly disernable; the Guides few to direct, and those speaking in strange Languages; and many apt to discourage him, because themselves are either lazy, and will not, or lame and cannot walk the same way. But now (through Gods assistance) being come to the end of my Journey, the discoveries made on the way, such as they are (and such some are, as not observed before) humbly crave your Lordship's protection.

From Kensington,
Feb. 21. 1624.
Your Honour's in all duty,
and service devoted,

Tho. Godwyn.

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