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21 Laws To Lead A Happy And A Successful Life

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Imagine a place...a place where it’s okay to make mistakes, a place where it’s okay to rest your head knowing that your future is set. Imagine being able to find the strength to see things differently, being able to go from day to day with clarity regarding the truth about real love and kindness. Imagine a place of growth. Even though getting there and staying won’t be challenge-free, the end results make the journey worth it.
Imagine a place where everything is real, where there are no short-cuts. A place where streams are overflowing all the time, streams of mercy, kindness, understanding, love, and life.
Life is not easy, there are challenges, ups and downs, temptations, fears, and doubts, but over and above these, there is a place where you can find all that you might need. This place is trustworthy and dependable. I don’t know your circumstances right now, I don’t know how much strength you have, but I need you to understand that there is a place.
God has been that place for me, even when everything around me was falling apart, and I couldn’t see the way ahead. Somehow I knew that there was a place and I knew that it might take time but in His time I would be okay.
God can be that place for you as well.

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