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Raising His Baby: The Sartoris, #2

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Author’s Note: While there is lots of delicious tension between the hero and heroine, this work is CLEAN.

Everyone said Romy Sartori was the nice one, and Sonya hoped that was true. Otherwise, she wouldn't tell him the secret she's keeping, that she's raising his son. Sonya's half-sister didn't want Romy to know about his baby unless something happened to her.

After an accident took Charlize's life, Sonya is raising her nephew as her own. She takes a job working as Romy's temporary assistant, but she's better at playing sports than wearing heels and running behind spoiled rich men. Disaster strikes, and Romy discovers the truth. It's too bad no one told Sonya Romy hates scheming women, and worse that she finds him irresistible.

Romy might not be as bad as his brother Ezio, but he is a true Sartori at heart. He won't have his son raised anywhere else except in the Sartori mansion. If Sonya wants to stay with her sweet baby boy, she has no choice but to cave to Romy's will.

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