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Equity and Growth in a Globalizing World

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This book is a compilation of a series of “state of the art” papers on topics related to equity and growth. As inputs to its final report (The Growth Report)\, the Commission on Growth and Development took stock of the current state of knowledge and understanding of various sectors/issues that have an impact on economic growth, including equity, education, health, leadership and others. The following questions are discussed in the book: - What has been the evolution of poverty and equity during the recent globalizing decades? - How have poor countries fared on the Millennium Development Goals? - What role does wealth inequality play in the level and efficiency of investment and hence in economic growth? - Is gender equity a smart pro-growth strategy as well as a pro-poor one? - How is equality different from equality of opportunity, and should policy makers pursue, one or the other, or both? - In formulating distributional strategies, should the middle class be integrally considered, or should the focus be entirely on the poorest of the poor? - What are the precise impacts of globalization on poverty and equity, and what are the policy implications of these impacts? - Is the problem with globalization that a key element if missing—the globalization of labor employment? - What is the role of international migration in the evolution of equity within and between nations?

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