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A Forest of Darkness

Length: series


After a lifetime of lies, he didn’t know who he was anymore, so how could he ever be what she needed?

Vince grew up believing he was only part werejaguar... a hybrid. He had supernatural abilities but no cat inside him. Found out by the community he’d been trying to hide from, his eyes are suddenly opened to everything he’d ever believed about himself, all of it a lie. It’s now a race against time as he fights to heal his broken body before sexy Penny, a werecoyote, finds out he’s not the man she thinks he is.

Penny was good with computers, not men. But when hot as the sun Vince came along, she did something she’s never done before... she tried her hardest to be nice. And it almost worked, until she realized he was keeping things from her.

Praise for the Forest of Darkness Series:

Book 1, Mastering Darkness

"...Just when a reader thinks they've read all that paranormal has to offer, along comes a refreshing new spin! Fans will not only devour this anchoring novel, but will be left wanting more! With well-rounded, three-dimensional characters, the author draws the reader into a world where both vampire and shifter co-exist in an uncommon hierarchy. The author also does a unique job in showing the hero's internal turmoil and conflict. Between past relationship fails, and the high-pressure demands that come with being a leader, many will find themselves relating to his struggle. ...Readers looking for their next paranormal,mystery, romance book look no further!" -Reviewed by Stephanie Lodes for InD'tale Magazine
Book 2, Abandoned Darkness

"The secret world of supernatural beings living on the edges of Atlanta is brilliantly developed... Sebastian's attraction to Jade, a reluctant shape shifting jaguar, blossoms into the beginnings of a relationship, but with his past and position as Alpha Wolf, Jade is just not sure if she can accept everything that may be involved. In the meantime, the Family is changing... Clear, smooth writing, intense action, and a wide range of emotions keep you turning the pages... This is a great read that you can only be thrilled by and will make you want to continue with the next volume." -Reviewed By Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite
Book 3, Resisting Darkness

"Yes! Third time is a charm! ...Depth, intrigue, mystery and love... all of them combined in this great tale. Ethan can't make heads or tails of what he wants to do more and beauty with an attitude only seems to make it worse! From beginning to end, an eventful story chocked full of "eye-openers", "wait and sees", then, that "can't wait" feeling! Awesome job and thank you for the privilege to read it." −Reviewed by JSDaniMine for Reading Alley

Shifting Darkness: A Forest of Darkness Novel
* 100,000+ Words, HEA, Can be Read as a Stand Alone
* 18+, Adult Content

Forest of Darkness Series:
Mastering Darkness
Abandoned Darkness
Resisting Darkness
Shifting Darkness

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