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The Blind Chicken Professor

Length: 75 pages1 hour


This brief book is aimed at young teens or anyone older who wishes to look at the differences (or similarities) between the scientific viewpoint on the creation of the universe and what is documented in Genesis? What if the original Hebrew text is re-examined? Would science agree with the Bible or continue to stand apart?

The ‘science’ parts are written in clear everyday English, as is the ‘Biblical’ parts. The translation of the Hebrew words into English are also made simple. In short, if you have no background in science, Biblical studies or even etymology, you will be guided through creation in plain simple English.

Find out about the big bang, Stella nucleosynthesis, the order of creation, Pangea, the evolution of mankind, dark matter & DNA (as well as many other science things). All studied in science, all covered in the Bible, all explained simply here in plain English.

This is a journey through time; a journey that started at the big bang and ends at understanding. Your understanding.

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