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The Chance to Win Her Heart: Ashbrook, Montana, #2

Length: 245 pages3 hours


Life can not get any better when the man you've been pining over finally notices you. Can it? Gina Davidson's about to find out. 

Gina was quite content working with her father on the family farm and nursing an unrequited love for her older brother's best friend Jorgen Backman. She should have known something was up when the man who treated her like a little sister finds her simply irresistible. Unprepared for the games Jorgen likes to play, she gets caught in a trap that could ruin her reputation and break her heart. 

Eric Sandberg has had it with women who are only interested what his family estate has to offer.

After a series of failed relationships, he decides to follow his parent's advice and court a woman who is set to inherit more than him. Gina Davidson fulfills every requirement on his list.

Except he didn't take into consideration that she'd remember how poorly he treated her when they were growing up. Nor did he expect Jorgen Backman the town playboy to try and keep her away from him. 

The tug of war Eric and Jorgen play with Gina's heart forces her to see them for who they really are. When all the cards are on the table who will she give the chance to win her heart?

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