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The Missing Piece of My Puzzle: Ashbrook, Montana, #3

Length: 259 pages3 hours


The first to have a baby and the only one of her friends who isn't married, Amanda Darling wants her happily ever after too. 

One by one, she helped her friends navigate the waters of love to find the man meant to be their husband.  Determined to have a happy ending of her own, she issues her long-term boyfriend what she thinks is an irresistible ultimatum: either they get married or they break up. To her surprise, he walked out the door leaving Amanda alone to pick up the pieces of her life.

As she contends with the life of a single mother Amanda reconsiders her definition of happily ever after. One that involves forging new friendships, chasing after her dreams, and closing doors to the past.  

Faced with the possibility of losing Amanda to the life she's building without them, Rick with the help of her friends and family find themselves working together to mend bridges.  Except Amanda seems to always be one step ahead of them and has no desire to slow down long enough for them to catch up with her.  Can they convince her that being with them is the missing piece of the puzzle in her life, or will she go on to build another one on her own?

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