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Prayers of Love: A Short Christian Romance Suspense Story

26 pages21 minutes


Two years ago, Colleen Edwards suffered a broken heart when her fiance, Alexander Piercen, left her for Clarissa Breen. 

Now anger and hatred hide in her heart, erecting a dark wall which blinds her to Daniel Gallagher, a single, handsome man in her Bible study group who would do anything to end her suffering - if only she could open her eyes and see him standing there. 

Then a late mail truck places Colleen in Alexander’s bank on the day a violent gang of robbers chooses to hold the place up. In the midst of all the guns and terror, Colleen’s only weapons are the powers of prayer and love. Will they be enough to protect her from the robbers and heal her wounded heart? 

Prayers of Love is a short story of around 5,500 words, or 11 word document pages.

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