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Jasmine's Pact: The Garden Club Series, #1

366 pages5 hours


This story of self-discovery explores the complicated relationship between past and present in defining the future. 

It's Jasmine Carr's thirtieth birthday, and she's finally getting the one thing she's waited for her entire adult life. But is it still what she wants? 

Her first love, Parker Abbott, calls to fulfill the terms of the pact they made as teenagers when his family moved out of the country. It requires them to date, exclusively, for thirty days. It should be the perfect reunion.

Only, Jasmine's distracted. Her editor at the newspaper where she's happily deemed herself Fluff Correspondent has assigned her to the police beat. Worse, he's partnered her with Hudson Stover, a cocky, handsome photojournalist who makes Jasmine question everything she believed about romance—and life.

As she always has, Jasmine seeks advice from her sisters, Sequoia and Holly, about how she can give Parker a chance, without missing her chance with Hudson. Eventually, though, circumstances force Jasmine to make her own choice … between the life she's always imagined and the life she's beginning to see is possible.

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