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Compilation of "The Quotations from The International Renowned Scholars on Islam, Religion and Science"

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This Booklet is a compilation of some of the Quotations from eminent international scholars on Islam, Quran, Religion and Science
If we analyze all the sayings by all these international scholars we find the compatibility between religion and science. And science is only a tool created by the almighty Allah to facilitate our life in this world. Contrary to what peoples’ beliefs that religion is against science, All Prophets didn’t teach any unscientific teachings, they were all carrying the same monotheistic message from the creator and some Ayaat in the Glorious book Quran carries scientific proofs for it's authenticity.
Some of The scientific Ayaat are in advance to our modern science and technology and if Allah wishes it’s possible to decode them but it requires a very high level of technology and it depends on Allah himself for the time and place, perhaps now or centuries later. I have also presented the facts through the analysis of the biography of Prophet Muhammed which are teachings on how to deal with life.

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