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Dowse Your Way To Health

Length: 69 pages54 minutes


Empower yourself to enjoy better health by tapping into your natural intuitive ability to know what’s best for you.

All humans have two ways of knowing: rational and intuitive. You train your rational mind for years to get the most out of it, but you rarely, if ever, tap into your intuitive ability to gain valuable knowledge.

While we all need outside professional help from time to time for everything, including health, you can take care of many of your basic health needs by training and using both your rational mind and your intuitive capabilities. This book is an introduction to the use of dowsing to get answers to health questions your brain cannot answer by using your natural intuitive abilities. Dowsing is a way of focusing your intuition to get those answers.

If you want to become empowered to create better health, you’ll be amazed at how much you can learn in this small volume. It is an excellent introduction or refresher for any dowser who is interested in exploring the vital topic of health dowsing.

Buy this book now and discover your natural ability to create better health for yourself, your pets and your family by using dowsing for health.

Please note: This book is aimed at beginning to intermediate level dowsers who want to explore dowsing for health in an introductory way. It is not a dowsing course. If you are an advanced dowser or want a comprehensive guide to health dowsing, see our book "Dowsing For Health".

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