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Daddy's Little Pumpkin

Length: 416 pages6 hours


Being the youngest child means being the target. Based on a true story

Come follow Cassie through a world that no child should ever endure, as her sibling’s hatred for their father’s favorite turns her world into a daily battle for survival.

Sabrina, Cassie’s mother, unaware of her family’s secrets, tries to keep her dreams of a happy home alive. Only fate wouldn’t let her dream become her reality. Slowly she was about to lose everything she held dear. Soon her sanity would be tested.

David, Cassie’s father, was living two lives, one in which he was the monster that kept his children at bay and the other where he was the only safety, Daddy’s little Pumpkin ever knew.

His children were taught by the best and they would make sure they used every twisted memory to try and destroy his little pumpkin’s childhood.

Lost in a world of hatred Cassi’s survival became her only purpose.

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