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The Stork is an Albatross

Length: 140 pages2 hours


From the day of his birth, Martin’s parents perpetuated the myth that he – and later his brother Jeremy – were delivered by Stork. The stork was a wooden effigy on the roof of the Stork Nursing Home, until it came to its demise and was smashed to smithereens on the driveway.
As Martin grew up the Stork came to symbolise all that was to do with begetting babies and any direct mention of such a forbidden subject was swept under the carpet. Unable to dismiss this feathered creature, it became part of Martin’s nightmares. His brother Jeremy and his best friend Stanley were non-believers.
Martin’s love life was initially plagued by two provocative identical twins, that is until they moved away. It was Helen, the beautiful girl from the High with whom Martin then became smitten. Unknown to them both it was a Dutch Stork, a wanderer from the Netherlands who came to plague their lives. Would they be able to escape it, or would it become an Albatross around their necks?

A humorous story, for those of us who were hoodwinked into believing that there was a Stork and that it delivered us in white nappies...

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