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The Ballad of Sidney Hill 2

Length: 358 pages4 hours


From the author that brought you "The Ballad of Sidney Hill," "The Undocumented Struggle," and "Obsession," comes another tale that is destined to leave behind a legacy of freedom and decision making. After the events of "The Ballad of Sidney Hill" takes place, our hero Sidney Hill must clean up the mess made from his bitter enemies. As he goes on yet another life-changing journey to save the people he loves the most and repairing a city devastated from rioting, murder, and destruction, he must take the noblest steps that no person could be capable of taking. In "The Ballad of Sidney Hill 2," watch as Sidney picks himself up and the people around him, taking them to a place where nobody can drag them down from. Can he do it? Will he succeed in bringing his life back to new ground? Most of all, will the responsibility he take on shape his adulthood forever?

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