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Hidden Agenda: NASA and the Secret Space Program

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Space expert Bara delves into the secret space program, examining the possibility that there are secret bases on the Moon, and exploring the many other rumors surrounding the military’s secret projects in space. Starting with the mysterious airship flap of 1897, tracing its possible origin to a 19th century Prussian secret society, Bara posits that man has had anti-gravity technology for quite a long time. What else doesn’t the public know? Bara brings to light a lot of evidence showing that there is plenty. • On June 8, 1959, a group at the Army Ballistic Missile Agency produced for the U.S. Army a report entitled Project Horizon, a “Study for the Establishment of a Lunar Military Outpost.” The permanent outpost was predicted to cost $6 billion and was to become operational in December 1966 with twelve soldiers stationed at the Moon base. Did this happen? • The Brookings Report drawn up at the inception of NASA said we could expect to find alien artifacts in our exploration of space. Did NASA and the Pentagon find evidence of alien bases on the Moon? Did the Apollo 12 astronauts deliberately damage the mission’s TV cameras in order to hide their explorations of one of these bases? • Does hacker Gary Mackinnon’s discovery of defense department documents identifying “non-terrestrial officers” serving in space mean that the U.S. has clandestine space platforms designed to fight a war with an alien race? And, have civilian observers here on Earth photographed these secret military space platforms? Bara explores the evidence surrounding these questions and more in this explosive book. He maintains that aside from the actual secret space program, even the public space program—NASA—has at its core a secret agenda. Bara also examines the many allegations that the government has long been clandestinely working with aliens in various covert programs.

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