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Real Mistakes in Real Estate: Our Mistakes, Your Success

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Too many books tell the story of the glories and benefits of investing in real estate. But what about the realities and hardships that accompany these tales? Stress, insufferable debt, and financial nightmares — situations that are commonplace, yet rarely discussed. Until now.

After much anticipation, expert real estate investors Monika and Vaughan Jazyk of Real Property Investments speak to us of their family’s true story on their trials and tribulations in real estate. This everyday family copes with the gruelling reality of “real estate gone wrong” — and how to pull through even the most seemingly outrageous of challenges. This narrative drags out all the demons and shines a glaring spotlight on the REAL world of real estate.

The Jazyk family teaches us how we can avoid costly mistakes that can break the bank, while sharing the mindset of successful real estate investors, including:

-The REAL costs of real estate education.
-The misconceptions and myths of using OPM for real estate — Other People’s Money.
-The TRUTH about popular investment strategies.
-The importance of keeping your investment decisions purely BUSINESS.
-Expenses that you can avoid.
-The money and time involved in owning property rentals.
-Templates and worksheets you can use at home to strategize YOUR LIFE around your investments.

A must read for anyone who craves a realistic approach for the opportunity to save thousands of dollars, and our most valuable asset...time.

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