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The Casebook of Elisha Grey V

Length: 143 pages2 hours


Elisha Grey, scholar in numerous subjects & consulting detective in Atlantis during its Second Era, together with his flatmate Kiara Ptolmai -- daughter of Menos Ptolmai, Atlantean Ambassador to Chungkuo, investigate three crimes. In "The Pilferings in Albion: Kiara's First Case", Kiara travels with Kamay Pellay to study in Albion with seers Rowan Fisher and Ivy Hunter, and are surprised to discover strange visitors to their island country -- extraterrestrials, originally met in a case from the seminal volume of Casebook.. "The Men Robbed of Their True Wealth" requires Elisha Grey and Kiara Ptolmai, along with Constable Kaliska Saukenuk, to investigate a series of murders at first attributed to the extraterrestrials who have made open contact with Atlantis -- but in fact are committed by someone quite unexpected, requiring Elisha Grey to put himself in the position of being bait for the killer. In "The Fall From the High Place", Kiara Ptolmai begins her new profession as an architect -- and unexpectedly becomes victim to a crime that changes the direction of her life -- as well as that of Elisha Grey.

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