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Socrates Simplified. Life, Work & Quotes of Socrates

Length: 46 pages1 hour


Socrates redefined Philosophy and Logic worldwide by his revolutionary way of critical thinking and his Methods. The Founder of the Socratic Method Transformed the Philosophical Beliefs and abolished plenty of Dogmas of his Time. His Teachings and way of Thinking Are Diachronic.

This EBook is for People with Zero knowledge of Socrates and in simple language in order to grasp in a couple of hours his teachings, his quotes and the Socratic Thinking Method.

In Simple words it covers:

The Early Life of Socrates.
Uncovering the Socratic Method and Putting It under the Examination Scope.
Philosophy-The Way of Socrates & Philosophical Beliefs.
The Teachings of Socrates via His Method of Elenchus/the Socratic Method.
The Socratic Method in Practice: The Socratic Method in Education.
The Quotes of Socrates.

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