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Ghost Kids Trilogy

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“Follow me,” said Christy the next morning, looking around the kitchen. She motioned with one hand which held a small yellow book. “Follow me, Brad,” she repeated.
“Why so mysterious?”
“Shh.” Christy put her finger to her lips. “I don’t want Mom to hear us. Follow me. You said I was keeping something from you yesterday. Well, today I’m going to show you what it is.”
Brad followed Christy down to the basement. “What
are we doing down here?”
“Oh, Brad! Oh, Brad!” said an excited Christy, jumping up and down with her hair bouncing. “I do have a secret! A gigantic secret! I’ve been dying to tell you. I’ve about burst, trying to keep it from you.”
“What secret? Tell me. I’m all ears.” Brad looked around the large room with boxes overflowing everywhere. An old, large, brown couch sat in the middle of the chaos.
“Let’s go to the couch.” She sat down on the right side of the couch. “You sit right here,” she said, pointing to the left side of the couch.
The middle pillow was empty. She was so excited her red hair sparked flames, and her big blue eyes flashed fire.
“What’s going on?” questioned Brad again.
“I want you to meet someone.”
“Who? There’s nobody here but us.” Brad looked around the room. A sudden flash of light appeared.
“That’s where you’re wrong, Brad,” said a small voice beside Brad on the couch.
“Brad, meet Andrew,” said Christy, “our very own live-in Ghost Kid.”
Brad turned as white as snow and jumped to his feet.

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