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Certain Victory! The Biblical View of the Future

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Have you ever wondered how the "end times" will unfold? Do you struggle with how to interpret the many prophecies in the Bible, particularly in the Book of Revelation, about the return of Jesus and the role His saints will play? Should we be fearful of what lies ahead? In Certain Victory! The Biblical View of the Future Dr. Francis Nigel Lee brings his meticulous scholarship, his thorough knowledge of Scripture, and his sheer exuberance to bear in this densely packed, sometimes controversial, eschatological analysis.
Drawing on his deep knowledge of God's Word, which Lee read in eleven languages, and Biblical commentaries from dozens of Reformed theologians dating back centuries, Lee systematically builds a persuasive case in Certain Victory that will inspire debate and study. No matter where you stand on the end times, the bottom line is that the victory of Jesus Christ is assured.
Author Dr. Francis Nigel Lee was born in Great Britain, the great-grandson of a fiery preacher whose family disintegrated when he backslid. Dr. Lee’s father was an atheist, yet he married a Roman Catholic who raised Nigel in that faith. Nigel grew to become a Calvinist and had the great privilege of leading both of his parents to Christ, and then became a Minister of God’s Word and Sacraments in the Dutch Reformed Church.
After the murder of his father, Lee had the joy of leading his father’s murderer in jail -- and later also the latter’s parents -- to Christ.
Preacher, theologian, lawyer, educator, historian, philosopher and author, Lee has produced nearly 200 publications and more than 500 long unpublished manuscripts. In addition to an honorary LL.D., he has twenty earned degrees including one honorary doctorate and eleven earned doctorates awarded for dissertations in law, literature, philosophy, and theology.
Published posthumously, Nordskog Publishing Inc presents this work as a tribute to the extraordinary mind of Rev. Professor-Emeritus Francis Nigel Lee. At the launch of our Christian publishing division in 2007, Dr. Lee provided another of his books, God’s Ten Commandments—Yesterday, Today, Forever, and has continued to bless us with writings that can be found at Look on our Smashwords page for his book, Let Us Pray! Study of The Lord’s Prayer and Other Bible Prayer. We are honored to present Certain Victory! The Biblical View of the Future, a fascinating look at the future from the pen of a dear, distinguished friend.

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