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The Three Ghostbrothers

Length: 70 pages37 minutes


The Three Ghost Brothers tell about the three ghost brothers. One of them is charged of a crime he did not do.

The three ghost brothers live happily in Ghostville which had more ghosts than humans.
But then something unexpected happens...
On one starry night, one of the brothers, Black Underarm, is accused of illegal haunting outside his own haunting territory. He is being handcuffed and taken into a dungeon. He must now face the frightful ghost council. What will his two brothers Brown Bumstain and Ripped Sheet do to help him?

Fortunately, the ghost council decides to read the old law book and find a test of innocence - actually it consists of three separate tests that the accused ghost has to pass.

The two brothers, Brown Bumstain and Ripped Sheet, know what they have to do: they need to save their brother from his grim destiny.

Join the ghosts on this ghostly scary and entertaining adventure and find out what happens to the three brothers: Ripped Sheet, Black Underarm, and Brown Bumstain.

With ghostly illustrations, this story makes a dreamlike, captivating ghost tale. In this timeless ghost tale, the author evokes the largest of the eternal themes — hope and compassion — with the lightness of a ghost’s transparent touch.

This book has lots of funny and scary illustrations which will keep all the young readers interested in this story.

You will read it, and re-read it over and over again!
When you go to bed and close your eyes, you will start thinking that what if there are ghosts in your bedroom...

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