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Medical Encyclopedia XXL: Prof. J.P. Schadé, M.D., Ph.D. D.Sc.hc

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The digital Medical XL Encyclopedia has been prepared by a committee of American and European scientific and medical experts. The editorial staff benefited from the co-operation of numerous university institutions and foundations such as the National Institutes of Healthand the World Health Foundation.
This encyclopedia aims to meet the growing demand of the general public for highly detailed, complete, authoritative medical information. This information includes anatomy, diagnostic tests, and medical procedures. Medical terms are defined, so that people better understand their doctors.

The encyclopedia includes a complete description of over 1,500 major diseases with separate paragraphs on:

- Causes
- Symptoms
- Diagnosis
- Treatment
- Prevention

All major prescription and nonprescription drugs are prescribed including vital information on:

- Properties
- Indications, prescribed flr
- Cautions and Warnings
- Treatment
- Possible Side Effects
- Interactions

Over 20,000 entries
Over 3,500,000 words

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