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Everything In Moderation: How To Chair, Moderate And Otherwise Lead Events

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What is the best way to run a panel, orchestrate a debate, chair a conference or introduce a keynote speaker? Tony Hallett, an experienced editor, publisher, trainer and advisor has fronted hundreds of live events. In this practical, often humorous how-to guide he demystifies what it takes to shine on stage – whether your stage is a broadcast news panel, an industry conference or just the front of a company meeting room.

Throughout the book chapters are illustrated with anecdotes. Hear how he separately coped with mobile interruptus (twice in one panel session), conquered the tweetwall and sucked up to Bill Gates.

Find out why you should never leave panellists to introduce themselves (“Big tip: Avoid this at all costs. Seriously, this is rubbish.”) but why it is a good idea to let them conclude one after another – as long as they only use a single word.

His book, unlike materials used by expensive corporate trainers, goes into detail around key subjects. These include:
- pre-event preparation
- environment
- introductions, question-asking and flow
- time-keeping
- Q&A
- tools of the trade.

He concludes with a section containing various tips and tricks, with no subject too lofty (eg political even-handedness at a civic meeting) or too low-level (eg don’t let that wacky pair of socks spoil your on-stage image).

Tony has worked with numerous blue-chip companies at all kinds of events – and distilled everything he learnt into these pages.

Benefit from the kind of insight that didn’t exist when he started out.

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