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Cecilly in Cinderland

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In this retelling of the classic Cinderella fairytale, after an epidemic sweeps through the royal family’s favorite resort town of Havenshire, orphaned Cecilly becomes the guardian of two stepsisters: surly Rose and heedless Violet. When Vi almost ruins their chance to secure the patronage of Madame Ebenesse from the posh Hot Springs District, Cecilly panics and bribes the ghastly noblewoman with two rare coronation diamonds to save their seamstress’ shop. Remorseful and weary, Cecilly and her stepsisters halfheartedly wish for a respite from their troubles on Havenshire’s legendary Fairy’s Kiss geyser. To their surprise, stairs appear descending into the cone.

Cecilly’s family journeys deep into the earth, to a land pockmarked with geysers, hot springs, dragons, and a race of magical beings eager to grant their wish. As responsibility is lifted from Cecilly’s shoulders, she soon discovers that the Cinders even grant wishes spoken in haste and the dark wishes you don’t ever say out loud. The longer she remains in Cinderland, the faster her family ties disintegrate. With the help of a prickly stable hand the Cinders have foisted into her company, Cecilly tries to repair their damaged family bonds before her sisters are lost to her forever. But more is at stake than just one family. Can an ordinary seamstress save a race of dragons, mend a man’s broken heart, find favor with a queen, and heal a divided city?

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