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Quantum Solstice: Experiment Number 23

165 pages2 hours


In the distant future of 2230 CE. Humans have assimilated into an interstellar conglomerate of an alliance of alien races known as the Universal Union. Oliver Autumn, a recently graduated high school student. Oliver must accompany his father to the Universal Union Summit, so they can continue onto their vacation. Everything seems like the perfect vacation when all of that changes drastically. Blaq Pyramid Syndicate terrorists attack the paradise vacation planet. An enigmatic alien force abducts Oliver, saving him. Oliver is saved yet imprisoned aboard a Mothership as a specimen in a holding cell. Oliver's fellow prisoner, Mitch is an addict to the ultimate escapist drug that has dire side-effects. They share the same fate. The two only have their memories of their lives before their current state of imprisonment as all they have to keep them sane and each other for company. Together they ponder the question to why they have been abducted. The enigmatic aliens are ominous captors.

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