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Donald Trump: An American Love-fest

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It’s been described as a curiosity, an infatuation and a passing fancy. Yet it started with a bang and has yet to fizzle. The media and the GOP ere equally obtuse as to its existence and they’d have you believe that Donald Trump is going to fade away any day, forgotten like yesterday’s newspaper. But what I see is something else entirely. This movement is real and it’s growing. I can assure you..
Donald Trump began this journey with hope in his heart and a dream for a better America. It took great courage to step on that stage but he did it because he believes in each and every one of us, The American People.
This book is about the people. It’s in their words and they tell the story of Donald Trump’s appeal. They are from all over America. They are Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Some of them even voted for Barack Obama but will vote for Donald Trump this time.
The Trump movement is growing everyday by leaps and bounds.

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