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Evangelist in a Box

246 pages5 hours


The Complete Foundation for The Evangelistic Ministry - Everything You Need to Win Souls.

Taken from a complete seminar on Soul Winning.

This teaching will give you all the tools you need to present the Gospel.Have you always wanted to win souls for Christ? Do you find it hard or think that it is just for those big Evangelist preachers?This is not true, it is a ministry for everyone.

Apostle Les takes you step by step through the process of leading someone to the Lord. He shows you how you can quickly present the gospel in an easy to understand way.

You have good news to bring, you just need to learn how to present it.Even though the Gospel is good news, so many people are still afraid to share it. If you are prepared to follow through then there are some steps you can take to get started reaching the lost and flowing in this ministry of the Evangelist.

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