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A Contractor Tells All: A Guide to Saving Money & Avoiding Trouble On Your Next Home Project

Length: 86 pages49 minutes


Mike Joy lays out an inside look at the home-construction industry. Mike knows the business firsthand -- he works full time as a painting and drywall contractor in Dallas, Texas, and has worked in the construction trades, on and off, since the early 1970s. 

Mike’s focus is not so much about how to do your own home repairs but how to deal with contractors who do repairs for you.
Mike wants every homeowner to understand the contractor/customer relationship so that your next construction project does not turn into a money pit, a waste of time.
Mike outlines scams homeowners need to avoid when it comes to carpentry, painting, electrical work, HVAC and plumbing. He details some common repairs that con artists like to use.
And finally, Mike tells you the ways to make the relationship with your contractor work so that you get the “most bang for the buck’ from your construction project, no matter the size.

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