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Crossroads: Chance City, #3

Length: 300 pages3 hours


Sensual Western Historical Romance

Carter “Wheels” Ellis is handsome, strong, funny, and kind—and he owns an adorable Capuchin monkey named Ollie. He’s a good catch by any standard, but women have never considered him as a serious beau since he’s a paraplegic. They don’t see past his wheelchair to the man inside, and he's accepted that he’ll most likely never find a wife. 

However, there is one woman who is determined to prove him wrong. Nora Guthrie, his best friends, Brock and Aaron Guthrie’s little sister, has strong feelings for Wheels. She appreciates all of his fine qualities and admires his bravery and intelligence. He also makes her heart beat faster whenever she’s near him and she dreams of a life with him. 

After a friend points out Nora’s feelings for him, Wheels is amazed that Nora is attracted to him. They've been friends for several years, but are they romantically compatible? There’s only one way to find out. A risk taker at heart, Wheels invites Nora to dinner and they embark on a romantic journey together. 

Mayor Carly Branson can’t get the man she both despises and desires out of her head. Ray Stratton is conceited, cocky, and the kind of man no woman can resist. Too handsome for words, he draws every woman’s eye—which comes in handy in his profession as a hustler. 

Ray can’t stand Carly, either, finding her snobbish and judgmental, yet utterly beautiful and captivating. The sparks that fly between these two could light up the night sky and they’re drawn to one another despite their mutual hate. Or could it be love? 

Four people come to important crossroads in their lives. Will they travel down the right path that leads to happiness or will they take a wrong turn and end up lonely and heartbroken? 

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