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Call from Heaven

Length: 280 pages3 hours


About the author Hans Bieri's unwavering faith has helped him to take control of his life, overcome setbacks, and achieve his goals. His experiences have made him into the man he is today – writing his life in a book so that others may find the courage to discover and stand strong on their own faith. Hans Bieri is certain that his relationship with God has helped to live with contentedness. God was always with him, and always granted him the support that he required. The words that Hans Bieri wrote down in 'Call from Heaven' are sure to touch and inspire all who read them. In 'Call from Heaven', Hans Bieri describes many of his diverse experiences. Over the years, he has been to many places in the whole world, met many people and seen many different things. His dream of flying has played an important role in his life, yet his decisions have also been influenced by his desire for a having loving wife and building up a family. Experience with Hans Bieri together the most important moments in his life, and then follow his 'Call from Heaven'. About the book Hans Bieri guides the reader go through his life. His fancy and empathic prose covers his restless childhood with its numerous changes of school and home, his courageous emigration to Canada in the '60s, his life as a professional pilot, and his eventual renunciation of his dream career to start and support a family. The numerous photographs contained in this book accentuate the adventures and incidents in his colourful life. Letters to his children and grandchildren and affectionately selected passages from the Bible further portray the story and personality of a unique man. Bieri's language is extremely fancy and touching.

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